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    New media leadership and Management Strategies

Duration: 3 days
Description of course: All over the world, most media houses are now investing in news website as a new channel of delivery. Unfortunately some newsroom lack skills and strategies for managing online news generation, work flow and process.

In order to ensure these media houses maximized their returns from an online enabled newsroom, this course will take participants through practical steps of managing an online newsroom, interfacing offline news production system with online operations and ensuring effective and efficient utilization of online newsroom resources.  A key component of this course is mentoring and coaching aimed at enabling online newsroom leaders undertake information and knowledge transfer to ensure all their newsroom team members are capacitated to work in an increasing fluid newsroom environment. Lastly participate will learn how to manage change at the same time strengthening their capacity to deal with day to day online newsroom leadership and operational issues.
Course Objectives and learning Goals: To build the participants’ capacity in the following areas:  
-    Learn how to manage change
-    Undertake online SWOT  analysis
-    Strategies for managing tasks and priorities
-    Learn how to implement web statistics - audience analysis/critique news website
-    Understand business side of online newsroom operations
-    Understanding content management system/user content generation
-    How to incorporate and manage user content on news website
-    Developing Coaching and Mentoring Skills


Who should attend?
Journalists, editors, online editors, web masters and PR officers




07-Feb-09:    New media leadership and Management Strategies

28-Jan-09:   Project Work

28-Jan-09:   Multimedia Production for the newsroom

28-Jan-09:   Writing and editing for the web

28-Jan-09:   Web 2.0 for journalists

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