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   Web 2.0 for journalists

Duration: 3 days

Description of Course: The internet is growing in bounds and leaps since its inception in 1969 and by 1996 the word "Internet" had assumed widespread public use. The ever growing Internet is undertaking rapid transformation and one new phenomenon (Web 2.0) is now the buzz word. Web 2.0 can be best described as cluster of new ideas, innovations and changes linked to current evolution of the Internet as a platform. For journalists, web 2.0 presents a lot of new and exciting tools for use in the newsroom leading to higher productivity and improvement of quality of their work. This course will introduce the participants to web 2.0 concepts and focus on some key web 2.0 tools applications in the newsroom. It will help participants appreciate the key strengths of web 2.0 as a powerful new digital interactive media and how it is transforming the face of journalism. Participants will be taken through practical application of Web2.0, such as blogging, hosted applications and documents; Video sharing sites such as YouTube; social networking sites (site) such Facebook and MySpace. Lastly participant will learn how to use Wikis as a newsroom management tool.

Course Objectives and Learning Goals:

  • To build the participants’ capacity in the following areas:
  • Learn about the principles of the web as a platform
  • How to interact and engage your audience
  • How to run a virtual newsroom using Web 2.0 tools
  • Understanding and appreciating online communities dynamics
  • Learn how to do Mash ups


Who should attend?

Journalists, editors, online editors, web masters and PR officers




07-Feb-09:    New media leadership and Management Strategies

28-Jan-09:   Project Work

28-Jan-09:   Multimedia Production for the newsroom

28-Jan-09:   Writing and editing for the web

28-Jan-09:   Web 2.0 for journalists

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