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   Writing and editing for the web

Duration: 3 days

Description of Course

Online reading habits are very different from printed copy. In view of this, there is the need to prepare, write and edit your copy to satisfy the online audience. Writing and editing for the web course is designed to cover skills that web writers need, in order to produce content for the web; with emphasis on how to get your story across to your audience online, write headlines and summaries for search engines. It takes the participants through digital story telling by exploring how to make content on a website easy to navigate and use while at the same time introducing the participant to the powerful multimedia approach (combination of colors, images, text, audio and video) to story telling. The course will cover the editing principles and techniques involved in producing content for an online environment taking into consideration online audience needs and reading habits.

Course Objectives and Learning Goals:

  • Understand online content generation processes
  • How to organize online stories, write summaries and headlines.
  • How to re-structure stories for web by incorporating all multimedia elements
  • How to integrate links, text and meta data to help search engines
  • Learn to package stories so that it can easily be found online
  • Understand different online editing styles and formats
  • Repurposing and pre-purposing content for the web


Who should attend?

Journalist, editors, PR officers and persons working on websites




07-Feb-09:    New media leadership and Management Strategies

28-Jan-09:   Project Work

28-Jan-09:   Multimedia Production for the newsroom

28-Jan-09:   Writing and editing for the web

28-Jan-09:   Web 2.0 for journalists

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