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   Multimedia Production for the newsroom

Duration: 3 days

Description of Course:

Multimedia production for the newsroom is designed for media persons interested in experimenting with new formats and exploring the potential of new technologies in their newsroom’s content generation processes. It will help you develop your hands-on skills in designing your newsroom multimedia website while at the same providing you with a solid background to assess performance of your newsroom website with a view of improving its output and impact. Though this course is technical in nature its makes a strong connection between technology and journalism.

Course Objectives and Learning Goals:

  • Understand the website design planning process, especially in relation to Content Management System
  • Learn how to design a website
  • How to incorporate blogs, videos and audio into your website
  • Understanding how search index works and how to ensure your website is search engine friendly
  • Learn how to implement web statistics- audience analysis
  • Undertake website evaluation


Who should attend

Journalists, PR persons, Media organizations Chief technology officers, online editors and reporters




07-Feb-09:    New media leadership and Management Strategies

28-Jan-09:   Project Work

28-Jan-09:   Multimedia Production for the newsroom

28-Jan-09:   Writing and editing for the web

28-Jan-09:   Web 2.0 for journalists

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